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Welcome to Economies of Scale

There are 5 total players, of those players 0 has logged on in the last 24 hours. had logged on in the last week. There are 3 active businesses in operation. There are 125 products in the game so far with many more to be added. Right now there are 17 different factories to build, 11 stores to choose from, and 7 Research and development buildings.

1. Acceptance of Terms of Service : By Registering your e-mail on the BetterMember Server for this game, You in turn are confirming that you agree with these terms of services as listed below.

2. Modifications of these Terms of Service : BetterMember Reserves the right to change these terms of service at anytime and update as needed to protect our servers as well as the users of our website. Any updates to the Terms of service will be clearly posted and all current users will be made aware.

3. Multiple Accounts : You understand that BetterMember EoS game on this server tracks the IP address of all of our users. We understand that more than one user of a residence may wish to have an account, which will be acceptable on our server as long as they have different verified e-mail addresses. NOTE : If it is found that one of the accounts purposes is to harvest money to benefit another account under the same IP address, All accounts under that IP address will be removed without warning.

4. Termination of Accounts : Terminations of accounts may happen at anytime if BetterMember LLC. finds that the user is in direct violation of any of the rules set in this Term of Service agreement. 5. Use of Information : BetterMember LLC only requires an active e-mail address in order to assure our users are human. Any information shared with BetterMember through the Economies of Scale game will be kept for communication between the game and our users only. The information you share here will not be used.

6. Notes of Privacy : The administration of BetterMember will agree to keep any and all information shared in the registration process from the user to our server private and respect the privacy of our users. Our users understand that communications through the mail or forum functions here are not subject to that privacy.

7. Notification of Any Possible Copyright Infringement : BetterMember had obtained copy of this web-based game from github shared under the name yisyang with the eos tag. If you feel that BetterMember is in violation of using any images or content that you may have the rights to feel free to contact BetterMember administration by e-mailing james at bettermember dot net.