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Welcome to Economies of Scale

Welcome to Economies of Scale on the BetterMember Server. Many of you are probably familiar with or have played the Capitalism-Online software, by Scott Yang. He released the software in 2015 on github. While much of the code was still intact and playable, there were still a few scripts that needed to be re-written and different features that we wanted to add. A few changes to the Databases were made as well. Either way, much of our server is still under construction as things are being changed and added, so please bear with us.

Without further ado, let's get to what you came here to do.


There are 128 total players, of those players 0 has logged on in the last 24 hours. had logged on in the last week. There are 167 active businesses in operation. There are 208 products in the game so far with many more to be added. Right now there are 30 different factories to build, 8 stores to choose from, and 13 Research and development buildings.